Sound Mixing | Bad Animals Audio Post Production Studio in Seattle

Sound Mixing


Foley artists and recordists are charged with adding realism to a scene with carefully crafted sounds, from door slams to footsteps to glass breaks. The art form provides viewers with aural touchstones, no matter if the intent is to laugh, cry or cringe. Bad Animals® includes Foley artists and recordists on its staff to ensure that every step, crash, or slam is true.



While the right technology is a must — and Bad Animals® is well-stocked with the best pieces — the magic of ADR happens when the talent and the engineer create an inspired, clear, and dynamic track that seamlessly fits into the original scene. From features to television, the engineers at Bad Animals have cleaned, matched, and delivered additional dialog tracks for projects whether the talent is in-house or at a remote location.


Digital Library

The digital library at Bad Animals® is stocked with millions of sound effects and music tracks, providing sessions with just the right sound at a moment’s notice. 



Bad Animals® has a well-stocked machine room that can handle laybacks to several formats, including Beta SP, Digital Betacam, and Digital Video Tapes.


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