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Mike McAuliffe

Mike McAuliffe got his start at Bad Animals® in 1992 answering phones. “I moved up to do some engineering and things started to turn around,” Mike says. “There was a point early on when I said, kidding, that I would probably own the place in five years. It took seven years, but I did it. I guess you could say it was a childhood dream.”

Mike originally started at Bad Animals® because the facility was (and still is) working on everything from films to games, television shows to radio ads. “I never wanted to work anywhere else, because nobody else was doing the projects that we do. I’m always interested in what we’re doing,” he says. “It feels like I’m always learning something that makes me better at what I do.”

The Bad Animals® resident sound design expert, Mike has worked on hundreds of television shows and advertising spots as well as dozens of films. His credits include “San Quentin,” “Bounty Hunters,” “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and the film “Outsourced.”

Drop a line: mike@badanimals.com